Handle your delivery and delivery service electronically

With ParcelSign, you can schedule shipments for delivery, scan barcodes and intuitively capture the customer's signature electronically as proof of delivery during delivery.

Offers what your delivery service needs

ParcelSign is an iOS app for organizing your own delivery service. Schedule the shipments one day individually for each deliverer, track the delivery on the live map and keep your customers up to date with the help of the tracking page.

From scheduling a shipment to complete delivery, ParcelSign allows you to manage your entire supply chain from a single source.

  • Scheduling

  • Delivering

  • Signing

  • Completing

Digital proof of delivery

Capture signature

With ParcelSign, electronically capturing your customers' signatures is child's play. No more pointless printing, time-consuming scanning and crumpled forms.

ParcelSign can also handle your PDF documents and capture or display signatures directly on these documents.

Capture storage location

If a deliverer does not find one of your customers, ParcelSign can be used to take a photo of the location (including geocoordinates) and use it as proof of delivery.

Planning + Delivery

ParcelSign has a simple and clear administration interface that allows you to immediately start your own delivery service. Create a carrier, assign one or more shipments and you're ready to go.

ParcelSign can of course also be used with your existing ERP solution via an API.

  • Live location

    Thanks to the integrated live location of your delivery staff, you can schedule shipments efficiently or reroute them at short notice.

  • Create delivery tour

    Keep full control and plan the delivery routes of your delivery staff in advance with just a few clicks.

  • Everything at a glance

    Even with a large number of delivery staff, the clear planning cockpit gives you a clear overview.

One platform for your deliveries

Tracking + Tracing

ParcelSign offers you an individually configurable tracking website, with which you can keep your customers informed about the current progress of a shipment.

Fully configurable

You can freely adapt the names of the data fields in ParcelSign. In addition, you can use additional free fields to have additional data such as batch numbers, comments, etc. filled in by your carrier on delivery.

ParcelSign also offers this

  • Scanning of barcodes

    Capture package and shipment numbers with support for the most common barcode types.

  • Own documents

    View PDF documents, have them signed by the customer, print them out or forward them by e-mail.

  • Additional information

    Store the transfer location, the recipient name, a reference number, and a comment.

  • Simple planning

    Schedule shipments individually for one day and one carrier.

  • Geocoordinates

    Recording and documentation of the geo-coordinates of the place of delivery.

  • Adhoc shipments

    Create new and instant deliveries directly in the app.

  • Free fields

    Central administration and display of individual free fields.

  • Easy tracking

    Provide the customer with a tracking link with the shipment status.

  • and way more

    ParcelSign can surely support you as well. Just call out and ask us.

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